Global Trust Depository is Taking New Clients for Safekeeping Receipts

Newport Beach, CA, April 23, 2014 --( Global Trust Depository has just announced that the service is now taking new clients for safekeeping receipts. Global Trust Depository can accept almost any kind of valuable assets for safekeeping purposes. The service contracts out with local bank vaults for storage facilities and can issue a safekeeping receipt for that asset. Safekeeping receipts can be used by the asset owner as proof of ownership and to transfer the title of the asset.

Safekeeping Receipts can be used for: gold mines, coal mines, copper mines, gemstones (rough or cut), real estate, timber land, precious metals, jewelry, heirlooms and more Safekeeping Receipts can be verified by private parties as well as banking institutions, but only with prior written consent from the asset owner. Safekeeping fees are based on the value of the asset, physical size of the asset, and the term of services.

Global Trust Depository was established in 1979. The company was formed to fill a void in the financial world concerning third party holders of assets. European banking institutions were always requesting Safekeeping Receipts from asset owners in the United States to prove ownership, but were unsuccessful in obtaining them from United States banking institutions.

In over 34 years that Global Trust Depository has been in business, they have never lost a single asset for any reason. In those 34 years there has never been a claim filed in civil or criminal court against the company. This is of public record and can be verified through a public records search. Other services that Global Trust Depository offers have developed over the years and now include more services including a broad spectrum of trust services for international clients.

Global Trust Depository is currently taking new clients for safekeeping receipts. Contact the company to learn more about their services and to schedule an appointment.

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