Microsoft CRM Customer Web Portal Upgrade Released

The Microsoft Dynamics CRM Customer Web Portal self-service solution has been upgraded and the packaged product solution is now available for immediate implementation to existing websites and CRM implantations by MTC.

Los Angeles, CA, April 23, 2014 --( The CRM integrated customer self-service enterprise web portal by Management Technology Consulting (MTC) is meeting the demand for a feature-rich yet low-cost solution melded to existing websites, or stand-alone service web portals for companies using Microsoft Dynamics CRM. A long list of enhancements have been added at the same Industry-lowest-price of only $999 installed for the most common features.

MTC CRM Web Portal Enterprise Online Products assure compatible growth through the low-cost enterprise-class family of CRM web function add-ons easily added as needed in the future. All MTC CRM add-on solutions are backed by 24/5 customization and support services to assure web image excellence, and top-rated performance consistency. MTC offers an exclusive business focus on Microsoft Dynamics CRM gap-fill product and CRM web portal products as well as leadership in global 24/5 Microsoft CRM and CRM Web portal customization, implementation, and support services outsource in a low-cost, rapid-response, transparent, delivery model.

Product and service functionality in Dynamics CRM and web technology is combined to add efficient user-friendly website self-service to CRM visitors, customers, and partners from Microsoft CRM.

MTC spokesman Darryl Henderson, said: “MTC’s CRM Website Portal product delivery leverages MTC’s unique high-volume global 24/5 Microsoft CRM-specialized engineering services outsource leadership to achieve the best-value available in the industry at a time when demand for CRM integrated customer web self-service is exploding in nearly all industries and across all global markets.”

The complete CRM web portal solution installed starts at only $999. For more information, see Website portal at: or review the whole product line catalog at: Also see Web Portal in the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace

See the Web Portal reference document:

Management Technology Consulting LLC is a Microsoft certified Dynamics CRM Solution Development Partner and the #1 provider globally for gap-fill add-on products and rapid-response development and support services for other Microsoft Partners and end-user clients around the globe. MTC offers the largest family of diverse Dynamics enhancement CRM products offered in Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM Marketplace including core-technology expansion solutions, unique value utility add-ons, and broad-market and vertical enterprise solutions, as well as CRM Online vertical version services. MTC is the global leader in a unique niche business model for low-cost, fixed-rate, and managed staff services on-demand CRM development and support 24/7 online.
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Darryl Henderson