Programa Inc Launches a New Portal for Volvo Owners with Antilock Brake Problems

Volvo Vehicles with One Million Miles on the Road

Boca Raton, FL, April 25, 2014 --( ProgRama Inc., a veteran European Automotive Electronics remanufacturer launched a new internet portal to cater to Volvo owners with Antilock Brake (ABS) problems. When facing with an ABS malfunction, many Volvo owners turn to the internet for help and they can find a wealth of information and a solution on the new portal:

Volvo sales have been strong for many years and Volvo owners tend to keep their vehicles for the long run. This trend is being fueled by news that often report when "Another Volvo Reaches One Million Miles." Stories like this reflect the dedication of the Volvo owners to their vehicles and the common thread is that they follow proper maintenance during their car's lifetime.

One of the common problems that can stop a Volvo performing at its peak is the ABS malfunction. According to ProgRama Inc., a malfunctioning Volvo ABS does not have to be expensive to fix. Their portal provides the owners with reasonably priced repair solutions and service that has a personal touch.

ProgRama Inc. hopes that their long time experience in repairing Volvo ABS units and the new portal will keep many more Volvos on the road to reach their own one millionth mile on the road.
ProgRama Inc.
Roman Guhr