Daniel Levine: Attitudes Towards Food Are Rapidly Changing

The trends expert is following the rise of all-natural foods.

New York, NY, April 25, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Trends expert and public speaker Daniel Levine says the attitudes consumers have towards food products are changing. Chemists and biologists have created better yields, bigger animals, and healthier crops. But this does not sit well with some consumers.

“In the last few decades, agriculture has taken a dramatic technological advance forward,” says Levine. “But these changes have left many consumers concerned about the impact these unnatural changes are having on the food supply. And it is causing a surge of all-natural food products to surface.”

More and more shoppers are seeking out all-natural food products, including meat raised without the use of antibiotics and produce that is not heavily treated with chemicals. Corporations have recognized the new demand, and major producers have responded by creating all natural product lines, while fast food places are offering the higher priced meat on their menus. The quest for all-natural has prompted the farm-to-table and hyper-local trend in the restaurant industry. Even locally-sourced chewing gum has reached the market. And demand for these products continues to grow.

“The demand for all-natural foods was niche just a few years ago,” says Levine. “And now, it drives a sizeable share of the market. Consumer desires have dictated to corporations what needs to be produced, not the other way around.”

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Daniel Levine is a trends expert and keynote speaker who specializes in consumer trends. He uses his keen observations and experiences to help corporations and audiences key in on the power of trends to drive sales and improve business. For more, visit DanielLevine.com

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