AvoiDeer App Launches International Version May 1st

AvoiDeer app aims to reduce the number of deer/vehicle accidents by sending alerts about roadside wildlife to the user’s smartphone. AvoiDeer is a unique road safety app that has had great success since it launched in Scandinavia March 1st, and now targets the rest of the world. AvoiDeer app is available in the App Store.

Bodø, Norway, April 27, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Background
Roadside animals causes hundreds and thousands of traffic accidents along North American and Northern European roads. In the US,approximately 1.2 Million wildlife-vehicle collisions, causing up to 5000 injuries and 400 human deaths each year. (Source: State Farm Insurance)

What about existing traffic warning signs?
The difference between the Avoideer app and existing animal warning signs is that the signs warns about Potential danger, while Avoideer warns about real nearby sightings, with visual and audible alarm. AvoiDeer app will also be able to provide warnings when the user enters a high collision-risk area.

How does AvoiDeer work
When you register a sighting of an animal, your report will be will be pushed out to other users uploaded to the Avoideer server and the GPS position, together with date and time of the observation, other drivers using this app can take precautions to avoid collision. When they get close to the place you reported the sighting, their device can sound an alarm, and also give visual notification about potential danger ahead. Reporting is done with two simple taps on the phone. Continued use of GPS in the background can significantly reduce battery life. AvoiDeer use only a low powered "major location change" tracking system to reduce this consumption.

Idea and design
AvoiDeer app is the result of a British/Norwegian cooperation. The general idea and functions came from Mr. Paal Wille Johnsen from Bodo,Norway while the design and technical work is done by Mr.Keith Lunt, Janric Webdesign in Southport, England.
Paal Wille Johnsen