Wine Popularity is Inspiring Out-of-the-Bottle Thinking

The trends-spotting site is following wine trends that are anything but vintage.

New York, NY, April 26, 2014 --(, the leading trends collective, is noting a rise in the number of wine trends. Wine continues to grow in popularity amongst consumers, and wineries are doing everything they can to include as many drinkers as possible.

“Wine sales continue to climb upward,” says a spokesperson. “Consumers are looking for unique flavors and quality vintages. However, not all wine drinkers want the same things. And that has left room for innovation.”

More casual drinkers are left with a variety of interesting packaging choices. For example, the bag of wine is no longer limited to cheap grape that appeals to college students. Premium styles such as Merlot and Malbec are now available in sealable, multi-use bags. Some options even come with a spout. Wines are also available in cans and in single-serve cups with tear-off lids. This leaves casual drinkers with more choices and less pressure when choosing a wine.

The flavor of wine is also changing. In France, a variety of sweet wines in familiar flavors are being offered to younger consumers. Flavors include fruit notes and cola. To appeal to more experienced drinkers, vineyards are also making wines more potent. Alcohol content is rising to provide more powerful and complex flavor.

“Just because a product is popular, it does not mean it has to remain stagnant,” says the spokesperson. “Winemakers are working hard to fuel sales and continue growth. The creative thinking necessary is on display.”

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