A Successful Trader is Always Ready to Change Forex Brokers

Rotterdam, Netherlands, April 30, 2014 --( Analysts from the company mark that successful traders in the forex market stand out for their openness to new offers and for readiness to change broker companies.

“In many respects it is quite a natural tendency: as traders grow in professionalism, they also grow in number and competition,” says Vlad Karpejev, business development manager at "Being attached to just the one broker often leads to loss of profit, as the market has no standard basic conditions. And new attractive offers appear daily.”

According to Vlad Karpejev, when they introduced their revolutionary trading conditions (zero spread, minimum commission, transaction time 0,5 second, Slippage control and true ECN), the new clients seemed to be very careful: “wherein it was well noticeable that the successful traders were more receptive to the new offers. Because trying and taking calculated risk are successful people’s actions.”

It is also important to see what is being advertized by the broker and what actually fits the real picture. “To get to know the quality of the order execution one must try it out. It is one thing what the broker declares and it is another thing how it works in the actual trading. It’s known that the same trading systems bring different results with different brokers. And most certainly demo and real accounts differ like heaven and earth.”

In general there is an obvious tendency among forex traders to practice their individual approach. "Traders are offered the most suitable conditions, in accordance with their needs and transaction volumes. And that is good news! The trader is king now. And a broker is no longer a god,” concludes the business development manager at Vlad Karpejev. is a European broker company operating in the forex market since 2004. Previously working solely in the Estonian market, the company drastically changed its business model in 2013, and currently offers one of the best trading conditions for clients globally.

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