"Oh My God! It’s Halloween," by Naveed N. Ali – This Halloween, Tell Your Kids What’s Halloween

Summary – "Oh My God! It’s Halloween, by Naveed N. Ali," designed by Gau Family Studio, is a new children’s book aimed to raise their interest in Halloween and is available now on Amazon.

Houston, TX, May 09, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Gau Family Studio is excited to announce the launch of the children’s book ‘Oh My God! It’s Halloween, by Naveed N. Ali’, a book designed to make Halloween more fun for children. The book is now available in Amazon and readers can download it. A Halloween story that small children can relate too is a necessity these days.

Halloween is fun. Halloween is the time for kids. Be it collecting candies or dressing up in amazing costumes, children love Halloween.

Many people wonder what type of Halloween story to tell their children. Historically, Halloween has been a time to remember the dead including saints and martyrs. However, tiny tots would rather love a story they can relate to on Halloween rather than being overburdened by remembering the dead.

‘Oh My God! It’s Halloween, by Naveed N. Ali’ aims to do exactly that. The book, a creation of simplicity created with the aim of reaching the minds of the tot scores on the following points.

· Fun filled graphics and designs that children can relate to, the book is available at amazon for just $10.

· Catching the right spirit of Halloween through simple words and amazing graphics.

· The beautifully illustrated graphics makes reading fun and exciting.

· Vivid environment and story telling makes the eBook a special one. There is the white ghost telling ‘boo’ to the children to scare them off, bats in the background or cutely dressed Halloween characters to let the child be engrossed throughout the story.

The children decide to follow the black witch, who they see running away. In a while, they come to know that the witch wants to steal candies from children in Halloween. The simple illustrated story manages to woo the reader by putting an innocent and yet touchy storyline.

· Simple poems and catchy sentences keep the tiny tots glued through the short eBook. It’s simple enough for the children to read the story on their own.

· There is a brainteaser for the tots at the end of the story too and to solve the mystery of the ten candies, that the witch had stolen, they have to rummage and find answers to the blanks.

While there are plenty of stories out there for children related to Halloween, there are only a few that catches the spirit of Halloween in its true sense. Often, books are lengthy and turns the attention of the kid elsewhere or graphics and illustrations just aren’t simple enough to grab a child’s attention. ‘Oh My God! It’s Halloween, by Naveed N. Ali’, designed by Gau Family Studio, aims to change exactly that. The simple illustrated heart touching graphics puts across the right amount of excitement and fear to the child’s mind.

The book, dedicated to Naveed’s daughter Isra and niece Ahaana, doesn’t just tell a story children will love but does a bit more -

- The story won't just help children want to test their mental skills to solve the brainteaser at the end, but make them yearn to know more about Halloween and its tradition.

- Of course, costume parties and candy collection and trick or treating will always be favorite activities of many children out there. However, ‘Oh My God! It’s Halloween, by Naveed N. Ali’, lets them understand Halloween in a new light.

The short book is available on Amazon for free for a limited time. One can just visit the site to download it. The book is available in the popular pdf format so that one can download it and read it easily.

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