Lifebringer is on Kickstarter

Lifebringer has turned to crowd sourcing and is on Kickstarter.

Los Angeles, CA, April 30, 2014 --( Lifebringer is a diabetes management website that is helping Diabetics. To get that final push, they decided to turn to Kickstarter. Although Lifebringer is less than a year old, they already help hundreds of Diabetics. Their goal was to create a simple Diabetes management system targeted at newly diagnosed type 2 Diabetics, as well as Diabetics that don't test religiously. Lifebringer uses simple A.I. in the form of Nagbot. Nagbot speaks to users in clear English. Nagbot also reminds users to test via email. There is also test strip tracking as well, which allows a user to enter in the initial number of test strips that they have, and each blood sugar test entered will deduct one test strip from the inventory. Lifebringer in its current form can only be used with the mg/dl unit of measurement, but the people at Lifebringer are changing that with the aid of crowdsourcing.
Herbert Meehan