Goes Climate Neutral with Green Pillars

Onlineprinters adopts sustainability to achieve environmental and business goals.

Neustadt an der Aisch, Germany, April 30, 2014 --( A European printer is offering climate neutral ordering and is calling for organisations to embrace its Four Green Pillars of Sustainability. Onlineprinters GmbH, one of the largest online print shops in Europe, is challenging others to follow its lead towards becoming a climate neutral business. Customers of can now place a zero-carbon order, which covers everything from its own supply chain, right through to its shipping process. “Myopic businesses are risking everything by ignoring climate neutral strategies. In times of global turmoil, sustainability is more important than ever,” explained Walter Meyer, CEO of Onlineprinters. “Environmental factors are obviously a big part of it but we’ve also seen how crucial it is for customers who are increasingly demanding a way to minimise their own impact on the world. Climate neutral is no longer a ‘nice-to-have’ CSR policy, it’s a must have corporate strategy for any business that wants a robust future.” Onlineprinters’ climate neutral strategy is based on Four Green Pillars of Sustainability, which it hopes other companies will adopt.

#1 Green Pillar: carbon neutral shop
Running an online operation can have a surprisingly high carbon output. The first step for Onlineprinters was to review this part of the business including its servers, development, support, sales and design. The CO2 footprint of each business operation was measured, and then compensated by teaming up with a certified water treatment project for emission reductions. This meant the company could offer a 100 per cent climate-neutral shop system for all 14 of its online shops in Europe.

#2 Green Pillar: climate at the push of a button
Offering a ‘climate-neutral printing’ option to customers meant they are now able to make an effective contribution to climate protection. Customers can choose from a range of various projects for climate protection to promote renewable energy such as reforestation programs and projects to maintain sustainable habitats. For each print job emissions are individually determined and, if requested, compensated with the purchase of green certificates. Empowering customers to become involved in the climate neutral approach is a crucial factor in driving loyalty and word of mouth promotion.

#3 Green Pillar: transport emissions
Few companies can avoid transport emissions at every point in their supply chain or services. UPS is Onlineprinters’ logistics partner and offers a carbon neutral shipment solution. It does this by compensating for emissions caused by the transportation of shipments. UPS supports projects such as the disposal of methane and landfill gases as well as reforestation and wastewater treatment.

#4 Green Pillar: active environmental protection
Many printing processes can be harsh on the environment both in the creation of the ink and its disposal. To combat this Onlineprinters uses a sustainable purchase model as well as consistently recycling ink and toner cartridges in the office. It also has a strict approach to the separation of waste, prevention of waste, heat recovery and use of FSC and PEFC-certified paper. These policies along with other eco-friendly measures in prepress, production and further processing allows Onlineprinters to confidently offer customers a 100 per cent climate neutral printing option.

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Onlineprinters GmbH is one of the largest online print shops in Europe. The German enterprise has a staff of 500 and serves 30 countries throughout Europe via several online shops. In its PSO-certified production department, all printed products are produced in premium offset quality and in flexible digital printing technology. “Processing print orders personally and quick delivery” is what business customers want. They order the whole range of printed products in the online shop, including business cards, stationery, flyers, postcards, posters, adhesive-bound catalogues, stitched brochures and large-format advertisement systems, and even upload their print data themselves. Detailed information on products and company is available in the online shop and mobile shop of
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