Older Roofs Require Inspection to Remain Structurally Sound

Construction Company Gives Tips to Recognize Signs of Roof Deterioration.

Los Angeles, CA, May 02, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Julian Construction, Inc. (http://julianconstruction.com/) a foundation repair and general contractor construction company in Southern California, recently released their findings regarding roof damage and deterioration. The company seeks to help homeowners prevent roof damage and recognize the signs of it so such problems can be handled and the home can remain safe. The findings were published by Julian Construction chief safety inspector Shawn Kyles, inspector of over 15,000 structures in his career.

According to Mr. Kyles: “Roofs are designed to protect a structure from the elements, especially water. They can be built using various types of materials such as slate, rubber slate, wood shake, asphalt and metal. Whatever materials are used, a roof will eventually wear out over time and need repair or replacing. Evidence of roof problems can include missing, loose, warped or buckled shingles and tiles, which leave the underlying roofing materials unprotected. Roof leaks are especially serious and should be immediately addressed to prevent dry rot and mold.”

The full report goes into further detail on factors which can cause roof problems. The article can be found here: http://julianconstruction.com/is-your-roof-in-good-shape/.

Julian De La Torre, founder of Julian Construction, stated: “We wanted to make this data known because we have seen many instances of roof damage over the years, and it is usually worsened when a homeowner didn’t know the signs to watch for. These points can be observed early, and if the homeowner schedules an inspection then the roof problem can be addressed. Also having a roof regularly inspected, even if you don’t see something wrong with the roof, can help a trained specialist locate problems which can be handled early. That’s how we can make homes in the Southern California area safer for all.”

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