World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation Collaborates with SC Global Media for International Sales

Los Angeles, CA, May 02, 2014 --( World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation (formerly OTCBB:WWMO) has entered into a formal arrangement with foreign sales company SC Global Media in Los Angeles to service all international ancillary sales windows for the feature film, Rusty Steel. Produced, written and directed by Ion Ionescu, this Romanian picture features a high-action race against time to find gold and stars a magnetic cast of actors including: Johan Urb, Paul Campbell, and critically-acclaimed screen star Dean Stockwell.

The thrilling, action-adventure tale was shot on location in Romania where two brothers, Mike and Rusty, inherit their recently deceased uncle’s yacht and upon going to claim it, also find the late man’s personal journal. In it, they read about the loss of his old ship, The Chancellor, a German war vessel that had been carrying an astonishing secret cargo: a fortune in Nazi gold! Intrigued, they set about finding the lost treasure in the abyss of The Black Sea. However, their search does not come without complications — there are dangerous mercenaries with the same agenda! Together with Gabby, the beautiful local woman who agrees to help, they embark on an exciting race against time.

“Ion Ionescu does it again with an intriguing plot of unveiling clues that lead to an astounding adventure,” offers World Wide’s President/CEO Paul D. Hancock. “The action scenes are unpredictable and dynamic, and we’re very proud to be allied with SC Global to bring this exciting film to international attention.”

World Wide and SC Global’s management have worked together on previous film projects and SC Global will be utilizing all ancillary sales windows in different parts of the world. Helmed by David A. Jackson and Shauna Shapiro Jackson, SC Global Media is a 20-year-old company that produces and distributes film and television series, attends the major film and television markets each year, has a diverse lineup of product, and maintains extensive ongoing relationships with distributors worldwide. The company has successfully marketed and licensed more than than 300 feature films and television series throughout the world.

Founded in 1977, World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation is a diversified company with shareholders throughout the world, primarily involved in the development, financing, production and distribution of feature films, documentaries, short subjects, industrials and television productions. World Wide’s industry executives and board members have produced, distributed and consulted on a wide variety of film and television projects, earning Academy awards, Emmy awards, and prizes from international film festivals.
World Wide Motion Pictures Corporation
Kelli Larson