Chewing Gum is Trending

The global trends-spotting site is indicates gum is benefitting from other trends.

New York, NY, May 02, 2014 --(, the leading consumer trends-spotting collective, is tracking a trend in a simple product that is frequently taken for granted: chewing gum. The kid-friendly, breath-freshening product in every checkout line is getting a new look.

“It’s not surprising that gum is on trend,” says a spokesperson. “It is ever popular, it’s cheap, and it’s made of only a few ingredients. It’s an obvious candidate for experimentation.”

Chewing gum is being reinvented to fit a variety of other trends. It’s being used as a variation on the energy drink, providing a caffeine boost to the chewer. The local, organic, natural and artisanal trends are providing the chewing gum market with a chemical and additive-free product. The make-it at home trend is also moving in to chewing gum, as create your own bubble gum kits are reaching the market.

“Gum is so easy to make, it is easy to insert other ideas into the mix,” a spokesperson says. “And while gum chewing can be annoying, this trend could certainly be worse. Chewing of the addictive and messy betel nut is booming overseas.”

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