Sardina Systems Announces Free Trial Program for FishDirector

Sardina Systems Announces Free Trial Program for FishDirector, OpenStack Management and Automation Software

Tallinn, Estonia, May 08, 2014 --( Sardina Systems, the OpenStack data center management and automation software developer, today announces a free trial program for Sardina Systems FishDirector.

Customers can sign up for a 30-day trial for FishDirector, which includes an OpenStack distribution and a modern fully integrated management and automation system. Sardina Systems will also have access to 2 days of professional services.

"With Sardina Systems' deep understanding of enterprise environments, FishDirector has been designed for enterprise environments, to fit enterprise workflows and structures, to enable ease of operations such as application cluster management and high application uptime, without manual and custom efforts" said Anna Panchenko, VP of Marketing of Sardina Systems.

"Customers can start easily with FishDirector on smaller environments, and scale up with FishDirector to very large environments with 100,000 servers and beyond."

FishDirector's unmatched scalability features allow customers to not just operate a large facility as one, without any facility partitioning, but also operate multiple facilities as one, further simplifying management and increasing flexibility.

"Backed by unique analytics, FishDirector's powerful automation system features Sardina System's proprietary Energy Saver, which enables right-placement of VMs on servers and dynamically re-sizes the data center to fit VMs workload to achieve energy saving, as well as Sardina Systems' unmatched Uptime Assurance to achieve high VM service uptime," added Anna Panchenko.

Each component within FishDirector can be operated with a high availability configuration to suit customer data center requirements. Customers can also build on FishDirector's open architecture which is fully extensible and reusable.

Sardina Systems FishDirector brings to large scale virtualized data centers a modern fully integrated management and automation with a 100% open architecture, fully-tested and certified OpenStack platform.

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