European Industrial Renaissance Opportunity for Edison Winner Seegrid at CeMAT

Pittsburgh, PA, May 09, 2014 --( Seegrid, maker of automated guided vehicles for the material handling and distribution industry and recent recipient of a 2014 Edison Award, will be exhibiting at CeMAT in Hanover Germany on May 19-23, 2014. Peter Bak, European Representative for Seegrid sees an expanding European Industrial Renaissance. Bak explained, “Seegrid sees the opportunity to position its leading-edge technology with the manufacturing sector. Because the manufacturing industry is a major generator of innovation, and fundamental for Europe’s competitiveness, Seegrid’s flexible AGVs are the innovative product that works well for the production process.”

Peter Bak noted, “With the European Industrial Renaissance adopted earlier this year, Seegrid sees the time now to position its leading-edge technology with other forces that have dramatically changed the European economy over the last 20 years. We recognize the innovation in our vision-guided technology for materials handling can be applied to other platforms, and CeMAT is all about showcasing innovation on many platforms. We look forward to showcasing our vision-guided AGVs as well as seeing other new technologies presented at CeMAT later this month.”

Seegrid is the first and only manufacturer of vision guided automated guided vehicles, and is now providing the GT 45 tow tractor and Guided by Seegrid P50 C tow tractor to the European market.

Guided by Seegrid flexible AGVs utilize vision-guided technology for navigation, with no changes to the infrastructure. The innovative technology allows vehicles to be trained and deployed in a warehouse, distribution center, or manufacturing facility quickly and efficiently, eliminating non-value-added repetitive tasks. The vision system provides operators complete route flexibility, as the AGV routing can be re-programmed in a matter of minutes supporting the up-to-date needs of every facility.

Based in Pittsburgh, PA, Seegrid (, the prognosis for continued growth for Seegrid is exceptional, and whether developing robotic vision-guided solutions for manufacturing, warehousing or distribution centers, Seegrid is part of the reform for the materials handling industry for Europe. Seegrid is a 2014 Edison Award winner in the Applied Technology category and Industrial Productivity sub-category. Follow Seegrid Corporation on Twitter at @Seegrid.

Seegrid Corporation - Europe
Amanda Merrell
Marketing Director
Seegrid Corporation
Amanda Merrell