10 Bulls eMedia Announces New Editor Appointment

eBook website 10bull.com adds new Editor, Christie Holliday

San Francisco, CA, October 12, 2007 --(PR.com)-- 10 Bulls eMedia announces the appointment of a new editor, Christie Holliday. Holliday comes from an IT background with an emphasis in technical writing, while also having experience in the book publishing industry through production and promotion. 10 Bulls eMedia is a division of I-Span Networks, a privately held technology and consulting company. For more information on I-Span visit: www.ispannetworks.com.

eBooks (or electronic books) are becoming the premier portability method for book worms and business professionals everywhere. Downloading ebooks for use on laptops, I-Pods, PDAs, and the newest technology, ebook readers, has grown in relation to environmental benefits, along with the air travel flexibility it affords. 10 Bulls eMedia provides a source for purchasing and downloading ebooks, and resources to help writers turn their ebook ideas into a reality. Currently publishing books that cover technology and health subjects, the 10 Bull website enjoys an impressive record of website hits/visits; thereby, increasing the exposure of their ebooks and their authors. On www.10bull.com you can find ebooks that help you manage and maximize the performance of your MP3 player and selections by reading Rod Vaughn’s ebook, MP3 Secrets. In another one of your ebook selections, you can also discover how to “rise from the ashes”, in other words, came out leaner and healthier in 90 days with the ebook, Phoenix Program by Darrel Vaughn. These pdf (Portable Data Format) books can be purchased and downloaded from their website, and within a matter of minutes, read on your I-Pod, I-Phone, PDA, laptop, or ebook reader.

They are currently looking to expand their ebook inventory, and to provide a vehicle for streaming media as well. For more information visit the 10 Bulls eMedia website at www.10Bull.com or email them at service@10bull.com.

Calling all writers with an idea and a dream – 10 Bulls eMedia can make it happen.

I-Span Networks
Christie Holliday