Palomita™ Brand Participates in Tri City Pageant

Palomita supports Educational Advancement of Latin Women

San Francisco, CA, October 12, 2007 --( Palomita™, the new junior and girls fashion brand, with a focus on the Hispanic market, was featured in a successful pageant promoting cultural, civic and educational welfare of Latin girls within the Washington State community. While the contestants worked hard to prepare for the pageants opening dance number, they could rest easy that they would look stunning in their Lulu and De La Rosa t-shirts provided by Palomita™.

Each contestant brought a different exotic look to the Palomita tee she wore at the event. The Palomita Brand is best described by its motto: “Por fin una marca para ti” (Finally a brand for you). Palomita founder and Mexico City native Molly Robbins, secured exclusive rights to use trademarks and vintage art from an array of Latino companies and translated the colorful logos and characters to junior and girls apparel. Palomita features designs from fruit drinks of Pascual Boing®, clothing detergents such as Zote® and Roma®, Topo Gigio® the iconic puppet mouse, and pastries from Bimbo®.

The 2007 Queen and Court pageant that took place in Washington was held by Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce in support of providing opportunity for contestants to further their education and display their talents. The contestants will be fashioning the Palomita tees at events and activities throughout the upcoming year. “I was thrilled at the opportunity to support the girls by providing the performance tees,” Robbins said. The Tri-Cities pageant, held on Mexico’s Independence Day, celebrated Hispanic Heritage, which hits close to home for Robbins, a Mexico City native. “I loved the fact that I could be a part of this event and share the excitement and vibrancy of Mexican culture.”

Palomita is manufactured by Wish Licensing, and is available at JCPenney and on Chucho®, the “hermano” brand to Palomita, will be launched in Spring 2008. Chucho® will focus on more masculine designs and feature products ranging from cement companies and tire manufacturers to beverages and confections.

The Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce focuses on providing opportunity and improving the lives of Hispanic women within the community. After the pageant, contestants are encouraged to develop professional relations as they participate in various activities and events. All the girls will act as positive role models as they work towards personal and professional development.

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Kat Ryan