iStand Falls Prevention® Now Offers The Electronic Caregiver Medical Alarm for At-Home Safety at the Push of a Button

The maker of the iStand Falls Prevention Program introduces the Nation’s most advanced, user-friendly medical alarm and home safety system.

Birmingham, AL, May 15, 2014 --( HoliVision, LLC maker of the iStand Falls Prevention® Exercise Program is now offering The Electronic Caregiver (eCaregiver), the nation’s most advanced medical alarm and home safety system. The addition of The Electronic Caregiver expands the falls prevention services of iStand to include monitoring and potentially life-saving services for those who may be at risk for falls; a risk that includes millions of seniors, particularly those over age 75.

Through the Link Button, the subscriber is connected to a Class-B EMT Operator for non-emergency communication, not a call center as with most medical alert systems.

With iStand and The Electronic Caregiver, users will have an even greater level of safety at their fingertips, with an EMT Early Intervention Link. For users who might experience trouble breathing, swelling in the chest or abdomen, dizziness, congestion or loss of balance, The Electronic Caregiver provides emergency access and communication if an individual falls, or to address a condition before it progresses to a potentially critical stage. The EMT Link Button is available 24/7, 365 days a year, free of charge.

Other features of The Electronic Caregiver system include free, in-home safety inspections, an emergency wrist pendant, and medication management; all at affordable pricing – at about $1.67 per day - with no money required up front. The Electronic Caregiver currently serves over 500,000 customers nationwide. They also offer Medical Bill Scrub and can reduce your medical bills by up to 80%.

For healthcare providers, iStand and eCaregiver are offering free Pharmacogentic Testing for patients. This free service can determine if multiple prescriptions are assimilating properly or causing unintended drug interactions. Ask about this free testing for your patients to ensure their reduced risk of a fall.

The iStand program offers evidence-based exercise routines to help minimize the risk of falls for seniors, stroke victims, employees, and others. It teaches simple activities and movements from two of the highest-rated, evidence-based exercise programs in the world - Tai Chai and the Otago Exercise Program (OEP) - that users can do to improve balance, strength, and awareness; all of which help minimize the risk of falls.

For more information about The Electronic Caregiver and iStand call 888-721-9777888-721-9777 or visit this link:

In addition to its new online streaming service launched earlier this year, Life Support Medical, maker of the Electronic Caregiver (eCaregiver) is donating its mobile fall-screening lab to the Muhammad Ali Parkinson Center at the Barrow Neurological Institute in Arizona to test the use of Google Glass with Parkinson’s disease patients.

The iStand Falls Prevention® exercises are clinically proven to increase strength, balance, and reduce the risk of falls among seniors. Falls are the number one cause of injury-related deaths for seniors in the US, yet they can be largely prevented. One out of three seniors over age 65 falls each year according to the US Centers for Disease Control (CDC). The death rate from falls among seniors has risen sharply over the past decade and is expected to grow as the population ages.

To learn more about the iStand Falls Prevention® Program visit our website iStand or scan the code below.

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