Daniel Levine: Self-Powering Tech is on the Way

The trends expert explains the importance of generating power.

New York, NY, May 15, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Noted keynote speaker and trends expert Daniel Levine is following a new trend in smart technology as manufacturers try to develop more effective wearable smart technology. While there have been many efforts to launch smart technology, the trend so thus far failed to catch on.

“One of the problems plaguing smart technology is the constant need to charge it,” says Daniel Levine. “To make wearable tech a truly viable option, developers are realizing they need to make it more user-friendly and less of a drain on battery power.”

To tackle the energy problem, manufacturers are searching for ways to make the devices more energy efficient. One idea, from watchmaker TAG Heuer, is for a smart device to recharge itself using a thin film that slowly and constantly resupplies power. Other makers are turning to solar power, hoping exposure to light will fuel the needs of a smart device in constant use.

“These solutions are not yet proven means of producing energy over the long term,” says Daniel Levine. “But sometimes, this type of work, this trial and error, is what it takes to create something that consumers will want to have.”

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