Ordering Online System Designs 100% Open Source Online Ordering Software

Offering original and clone software for food and other products in desktop and mobile versions.

Hamburg, Germany, May 16, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Ordering Online System offers strong, elegant and fast software for online ordering. Being in the business for several years, the founders of this company understands the requirements of online ordering system for every business, yet at the same time they realise every client may not look for the same thing in ordering system. Recognising this need, they have come up with a wonderful solution by designing , which are 100% open source. This is a vital feature they include in their software that allows them to modify the software as and when required.

Established in 2012, Ordering Online System uses a single script that allows businesses to do a millionaire business just like reputed and popular sites. The food ordering software designed and sold by them incorporate various aspects such as type of food clients want to serve, local cities where the food would be served, services offered and anything else. They design this all compatible script to contribute to business as revenue generator, which can be adjusted anytime to suit the changing needs of the clients. Owing to this flexibility, they ensure all their software run on desktop and responsive mobile versions as well.

Ordering Online System also takes in the view of clients who want their ordering software to be designed in accordance to some leading software of a food delivery chain. Matching their client’s specification and reference software, this company is known for providing clone software development services in Hamburg. They understand instead of investing in something new, often client wants something tried and tested software to work for them. Realising this, Ordering Online System allows clients to be successful in just the way they want it.

Although mainly focusing on online food ordering software, this company also designs online ordering software for other industry highlighting different products as well. The services of Ordering Online System is not only restricted to developing ordering software, but also developing Add-ons. These incorporate latest and advanced features of big names of the industry into the software being developed that allows businesses to increase their sales and profitability to a large extent. Visit www.orderingonlinesystem.com to take a look at some of the work, they have done in the past for many clients.

With a goal to offer excellent product, Ordering Online System guarantees trust, stability and support to all their customers, so that they can foster their business. Known for providing an integral round service to customers, they lend additional support in case their clients require further customisation or development of different software. For more information about the software they develop and services they provide, or to engage them for developing software for your business, please send an email at help@orderingonlinesystem.com.

About the Company
Ordering Online System is a two year company that has made its reputation in the market for developing fast, effective and 100% open source online ordering software. All their software are designed to work on desktop as well as mobile devices.

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Contact Person: Alonso Alvarez Pulido
Email address: sales@orderingonlinesytem.com
Website: www.orderingonlinesystem.com
Mobile number: +4917684043301
Phone Number: +4917684043301
Ordering Online System
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