Connecting Buildings Wirelessly is a Snap for Enterprises Deploying 5th Gen Free Space Optics Laser Bridges by LightPointe

The Martin Agency utilizes LightPointe Gigabit capacity, ultra reliable 8-laser-beam Free Space Optics link to transmit data between headquarters and satellite office.

San Diego, CA, May 15, 2014 --( LightPointe, the number one manufacturer of outdoor point-to-point wireless data bridges which utilize laser transmission and hybrid radio-laser technology, released a Case Study describing the long term success of a Free Space Optics wireless data bridge which was deployed by The Martin Agency, one of the top advertising agencies in the world, according to Creativity Magazine. The Martin Agency evaluated available wired and wireless solutions, and chose to deploy a laser bridge in 2010 to connect its employees in two different buildings, many of whom transmit large design files required to support their clients and facilitate collaboration. The agency turned to NDEC Corporation of Richmond, Virginia, an authorized LightPointe system integrator, for advice on wireless bridge options and NDEC recommended an advanced Free Space Optics bridge capable of 2000 Mbps of aggregated link capacity.

“Our client has been extremely satisfied with the performance, reliability, and savings each month over the cost of leased lines,” said Rowland George, vice president of sales and operations for NDEC Corporation, a wireless solutions provider. “The Martin Agency obtained the benefits of high data capacity, extremely reliable network uptime, and the highest signal and cyber security possible to help protect their computers and data from eavesdropping and viruses, which is particularly important due to the design work their employees conduct. In addition to the technical advantages LightPointe’s Free Space Optics bridge has provided over the past four years, the agency also avoids having to pay for leased lines each month, which has resulted in a fast return on their investment. And since their headquarters is located in an historic district of Richmond, the agency avoided the issues associated with trenching for fiber and obtaining regulatory approval from the city in such a sensitive and highly treasured architectural area.”

LightPointe has deployed over 16,000 wireless solutions since 1998, including optical communication bridges, 60 GHz (V-band) links, and 70/80 GHz (E-band) millimeter wave radios. Free Space Optics bridges enable organizations such as businesses, hospitals, government agencies, and schools to connect their buildings wirelessly at gigabit capacity data rates, without trenching for cables or paying for expensive leased-lines which are typically far slower than a GigE laser bridge connection.
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