Dr. James E. Murphy Inviting Clients for Consultations on Breast Augmentation Surgery Options

Experienced Reno, NV-based plastic surgeon, Dr. James E. Murphy is now inviting clients to his Murphy Plastic Surgery clinic to go over their options for breast augmentation surgery.

Reno, NV, May 17, 2014 --(PR.com)-- By consulting with Dr. Murphy and his team, patients can discover the range of options available to them and learn more on the aftercare process in order to prepare themselves optimally for treatment.

Whether it’s as a result of natural aging, or going through pregnancy, women’s bodies change over time. And this change can often lead to a negative change in the way women perceive themselves. In order to help achieve a greater sense of self-worth and to improve their appearance, many choose surgery options such as breast augmentation. But before committing to a specific type of breast augmentation procedure, it’s imperative to speak with a professional who can help outline some of the important elements involved in the treatment process and highlight both the risks and the benefits so that the patient has full comprehension. Now, those across Reno, NV considering a breast augmentation treatment can turn to the specialists at Murphy Plastic Surgery.

Murphy Plastic Surgery is the ideal resource for those who would like to know more about their breast augmentation options. The clinic’s staff has many years’ experience completing procedures for patients with various body types and physiological needs. And their on-site specialist, Dr. Murphy offers a personable, friendly approach to treatment that empowers the patient to ask all the questions they want before the treatment is completed. This ensures an office environment in which the patient is comfortable having a conversation with the doctor and enables patients to gain access to all the surgery and post treatment care information they will require to make their decision.

Appointments are available for clients during Murphy Plastic Surgery’s regular office hours. To learn more about Dr. Murphy or book an appointment at Murphy Plastic Surgery, please contact their facility directly and speak with a qualified on-site specialist or visit www.nnpsa.com. Making that first-step can often be the most difficult element of the treatment process.
Tracy Murphy