Reno, Nevada-Based Murphy Plastic Surgery Offering Clients Combined Breast Lift with Augmentation Treatment Options

Reno, Nevada plastic surgery clinic, Murphy Plastic Surgery has recently introduced a new treatment service to clients across the region.

Reno, NV, May 17, 2014 --( The new breast lift with augmentation treatment will provide women with fuller breasts that maintain their position high on the body and provide a youthful appearance that assures self-confidence and vitality.

Each year, many thousands of Americans undergo plastic surgery. Procedures are now becoming more commonplace, with many different choices of both the products used and the services carried out by medical professionals across the country. One of the most popular surgical options for women is the breast augmentation. This treatment offers them a revitalized breast appearance with a tighter, more rounded shape. It’s often the choice of women who have been through pregnancy, which has changed the natural curvature of their body. Now, there’s a new treatment service that combines that high quality shaping of the breast augmentation with the improvement in breast height offered by a lift.

The breast augmentation with lift offered at Murphy Plastic Surgery is one of the most common cosmetic breast surgeries carried out across the country. It requires a skilled surgeon such as Dr. James E. Murphy in order to ensure the optimal combination of breast shape and height level is achieved within the treatment. Dr. Murphy uses a few different surgical options, to obtain fantastic results. Murphy Plastic Surgery also offers it’s patients laser scar therapy, for the surgical scars to heal and look better. Patients interested in this surgery will first be invited to a consultation with Dr. Murphy to discuss the treatment processes and to highlight several options available in terms of incision types, breast sizes and shape. It’s a process that’s designed to introduce the patient to the surgery and allow them to understand how it will benefit the appearance of their body.

For those considering the option of a breast augmentation, Murphy Plastic Surgery is the ideal choice. Contact their in-house staff directly today or visit their clinic website to learn more.
Tracy Murphy