Infor and Blue Dot Advance Mobile Asset Management for the Enterprise

Infor EAM Advanced Mobile Brings Portability to Asset Monitoring and Maintenance

Atlanta, GA, October 13, 2007 --( Infor today announced availability of Infor EAM Advanced Mobile, an adaptable portable asset management solution that supports multiple applications from a single device. The solution is delivered through partnership with Blue Dot Solutions, a leading provider of intuitive mobile and wireless computing solutions for asset intensive companies. Deployed in conjunction with Infor’s family of EAM solutions, including Infor EAM Enterprise Edition, Infor EAM Business Edition, and Infor EAM MP2, Advanced Mobile enables organizations to seamlessly extend robust asset management capabilities to workers in the field.

“In many instances, entering collected data in an office computer isn’t the most productive way to manage asset performance,” said Marty Osborn, senior director of industry product management for Infor EAM. “Advanced Mobile unleashes asset management from the desktop and puts it in the hands of the people who need it most. The ability to create new applications based on business-specific templates means that companies have a highly intuitive, configurable solution that can support their needs well into the future.”

Infor EAM Advanced Mobile provides a mobile infrastructure for functionality not available in a standard EAM mobile offering. It supports unique functionality such as geographic information systems (GIS) and GPS, RFID, multi-dimensional barcode reading, and integration with advanced calibration systems. Infor EAM Advanced Mobile also supports integration with other back-end enterprise systems like ERP and human resources. The solution comes pre-packaged with mobile-centric templates for applications including work management, asset management, inventory management, inspection and audits, direct store delivery and RFID for preventive maintenance.

Traditional mobile solutions require point-to-point exchange between a mobile device and the back-end application, allowing support for only a single application per device. Infor EAM Advanced Mobile is based on the Blue Dot mNOW! Mobile Framework, a multichannel access gateway (MAG) that provides a powerful and flexible integration engine to support multiple applications. The solution enables access to practically any mobile operation with Infor EAM, other Infor products, or other existing systems in the enterprise. According to leading industry analysts, the MAG architectural approach reduces the cost of ownership for mobile applications by 30 to 50 percent.

“One of the critical factors companies must consider before deploying any mobile solution is whether it has an infrastructure they can build upon,” said Mick Milnark, president of Blue Dot Solutions. “Blue Dot’s mNOW! Mobile Framework is a scalable mobile architecture that offers the highest level of performance to support the most demanding mobile applications. These capabilities, bundled with Infor’s domain expertise in asset management, result in a solution that can dramatically improve staff productivity and positively impact the bottom line.”

One example of the benefits of Infor EAM Advanced Mobile is the ability to implement and enforce effective preventive maintenance strategies that lead to improved asset utilization and measurable ROI. For instance, an organization could track the use of metered assets, implementing a maintenance program that is based on actual usage rather than arbitrary scheduled periods. The organization could also identify trends in usage, such as when certain fleet assets are overused when they are the first deployed from a warehouse and the last to return. By providing users with mobile EAM capabilities, users can track assets at the source, reducing data errors, improving productivity, and ensuring that proper processes are enforced and completed.

Infor Enterprise Asset Management solutions allow customers to maintain, manage, and improve the performance of their capital asset infrastructure, including manufacturing equipment, fleets, and facilities. The solution combines asset management functionality and reporting with analytics to deliver a powerful platform for optimizing enterprise asset performance. Infor’s EAM solutions go beyond traditional management of assets providing information that helps identify key trends and anomalies, forecast performance issues, and helps to make forward-looking decisions to take action.

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