Accelerate My Practice's Master Speaker Weldon Long to Speak at This Year’s ADA's 28th New Dentist Conference

The Dental industry just got its wake-up call: Accelerate My Practice’s very own Weldon Long will be speaking at this year’s ADA 28th New Dentist Conference. Remove intimidation in getting on the road to a healthier and successful dental career.

Woodland Park, CO, May 20, 2014 --( Weldon Long and Darren Kaberna have officially put the Dental industry on notice: Building a successful dental practice is now taking a new turn through the simple and effective methods taught through AMP.

As Darren Kaberna added, “Feeling overwhelmed in starting a career in dentistry can lead to making big dental management mistakes that can cost you. Where most dentists in this market feel intimidated in building and starting an effective dental career our AMP programs provide the methods and tools to help you know what to do and to feel confident in taking action.”

AMP has identified three crucial roadblocks most paralyzing to Dental professionals who desire to build a healthy practice:

Negative Mindset
Complicated Processes
No Implementation or Accountability

These roadblocks are just part of an entire AMP program solution.

To learn more about AMP services and programs visit the What Is Amp? Section at and assess what the dental management challenges are today.

AMP will also teach:

How to compete with other discretionary spending sources
How to overcome patients objections to the treatment presented
How other industries are doing

How to grow revenue 10-20% every year
How to increase patient acceptance
How to better commit patients to hygiene department

For media inquiries, to arrange for an interview or an expert quote, please contact Darren Kaberna.

About the Author:
Charlene Mallay has over 10 years of experience in Business Coaching and Consulting. Charlene has been recognized for sustainable “time-tested” and proven coaching processes.
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