Accedian Introduces Seamless Throughput Measurement

Montreal, Canada, October 13, 2007 --( Accedian Networks Inc., a leading provider of Service Assurance solutions and Ethernet Demarcation Devices, today announced the introduction of a new technology allowing Ethernet Service Providers to validate the maximum throughput of a circuit while the end-customer traffic remains completely unaffected.

The new patent-pending feature allows carriers to prove the end-user is getting the bandwidth he’s paying for without having to bring down the service, and thus generating considerable savings in OPEX by avoiding the use of costly maintenance windows (nights and weekends). Furthermore, it allows periodically exercising maximum service performance after commissioning changes in the network.

“For the past several years, RFC-2544 has been the standard method to validate the performance of an Ethernet Virtual Circuit at the time of turn-up or out-of-service” said Patrick Ostiguy CEO of Accedian Networks “Accedian now offers a breakthrough method to perform in-service RFC-2544 validation non-intrusively, while end-user traffic continues flowing seamlessly”.

Embodied within Accedian’s Ethernet Demarcation Devices, this technology is the first to add Throughput Measurement as part of End-to-end live Ethernet SLA verification. Completely non-service affecting and based on the RFC-2544 standard, this new feature utilises the end-customer traffic as part of the test pattern in order to exercise End-to-end CIR/EIR/CBS/EBS parameters of an EVC while the end-user applications continue flowing through in a seamless fashion.

Accedian’s Seamless Throughput Measurement will be demonstrated at Light Reading’s Ethernet EXPO 2007, October 15-17, 2007, New York, NY, New York Hilton, booth #329.

About Accedian Networks:

Accedian Networks is located in Montreal, Canada and has a leading-edge expertise in the area of Ethernet Service Assurance and emerging OAM standards for Carrier-Grade Ethernet Services. Accedian's unique technology for Ethernet Service Assurance and OAM (Operations, Administration and Maintenance) uses an innovative, standards-based approach. Part of an Ethernet Service Assurance Platform (ESAP), Accedian's flagship product line, the EtherNID™ allows clearly defining, maintaining and assuring Ethernet Service Level Agreements from End-to-End across multiple technologies. For additional information, visit: www . accedian . com or call 1-866-685-8181.

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