Personal Mastery Martial Arts Hosts Free Women’s Safety Training Adventure

Sandy martial arts and kickboxing facility offers free women’s self defense course for Sandy women.

Sandy, UT, May 21, 2014 --( Last week Personal Mastery Martial Arts and iLoveKickboxing-Sandy hosted a free women’s safety training adventure for their clients and members of the community. This free course helped many Sandy women feel empowered to take on any situation with confidence and showed them that they can protect themselves if they need to.

The course was taught by Utah’s Leading Family Safety Expert, Brett Lechtenberg. Brett has been teaching self defense courses for many years and has trained thousands of everyday people to empower themselves mentally and physically while they learn the safest and most effective methods of personal protection. He has offered a number of self defense courses designed specifically for women, as well as children’s safety courses and family protection courses.
This free women’s safety training adventure taught the attendees how to develop an unstoppable mindset to catapult their self confidence. They learned the one thing that everyone has to know to survive a hostile attack, the holy trinity of personal protection, and the golden rule of family protection. They practiced self defense techniques with partners and on padded targets. They also got to practice all of their new skills on several padded attackers.

Here is what just a couple of the participants had to say about the course:

“This course taught me that even though I might not react perfectly like I was taught, I was least able to react instead of just standing there and doing nothing. I feel like we really went over the main skills that anyone would need to know to protect themselves. Practicing with the padded attackers at the end really helped me to get a grasp on the concepts we learned.” – Danette Pavelka

“The women’s self defense course leaves you feeling empowered to protect yourself and your family. I love that I can protect myself and my family with simple, smart movements!” – Kim McGowan-Jackson

Personal Mastery Martial Arts and iLoveKickboxing-Sandy plan on hosting more free community events to promote public wellness and safety. Their goal is to create a happier, healthier, and safer community.

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