Mayhew’s Proprietary “S.O.S.” Tool Identifies Space Optimization Opportunities for Workplace Office Interiors

Toronto, Canada, May 23, 2014 --( The topic of space optimization may not be new, but far too many companies aren’t utilizing the process to turn their office interiors into productive, effective workspaces. The problem for many businesses is that they aren’t sure where to begin, which is the impetus for a proprietary Space Optimization Study (S.O.S.) tool developed by Toronto interior design firm Mayhew.

The S.O.S. tool is an online mechanism to rapidly determine how efficiently a company is using its square footage. After answering online survey questions, Mayhew will provide suggestions via a personalized summary and analysis report. The suggestions are based on industry standards in space optimization, as well as recommended contemporary workspace layouts.

“Our S.O.S. was designed to help customers identify issues and opportunities in terms of their workplace settings,” says Maurice Benatar, V.P. Marketing and Business Development, Mayhew. “Many organizations have found it difficult to receive knowledgeable feedback in terms of how best to maximize their workspace real estate. This tool is meant as a launching point to assist them in becoming more productive as a corporation.”

The S.O.S. tool works with any sized enterprise and across most industries. Once data has been entered into the 3-minute, encrypted survey, respondents will be advised as to:

1. Whether their office interiors are keeping pace with space optimization suggestions, or are in distress and need to be restructured.
2. Areas in their building that may be sitting “idle” rather than being used for industrious purposes (i.e., meeting spaces, collaborative work areas.)
3. How the business can save costs and provide advanced people support through better optimization of square footage available.

Mayhew’s S.O.S. tool is now in beta mode and can be accessed at the firm’s website:
Maurice Benatar