TOPEX Announces New Features on Its Class 5 Softswitch Solution

TOPEX is pleased to announce the launch of Hosted Services and Group Billing on TOPEX multiSwitch, thus broadening the service and application range of its Softswitch solution.

Bucharest, Romania, October 14, 2007 --( TOPEX developed IP hosted services for small sized service providers on TOPEX multiSwitch application. Hosted Service represents for resellers the ideal solution to use a fraction of Softswitch capabilities in order to provide IP services for residential subscribers. It allows immediate entry into the market positioning TOPEX one step ahead their competition and offering immediate access to the customers to VoIP services.

The service is designed to offer the ability to become a VoIP service provider without large capital investments. By choosing the Hosted Services the subscribers won’t have to invest in an entire solution in order to benefit of the multiSwitch features. By means of a monthly charge, they will be able to manage the multiSwitch located in TOPEX or service provider premises, through an administration interface offered by the manufacturer company.

The Hosted Service is the first step in growing small service providers business. The service implemented on TOPEX multiSwitch offers a complete solution and provides all the software modules implemented in the Softswitch architecture.

Related to the Hosted Services, TOPEX implemented group billing on multiSwitch architecture.

TOPEX fully understands the importance of providing resellers with accurate invoice details, reports and call records and chooses the best system for group billing.

Group billing facility consists in the definition of a group administrator which will manage all users contained in the group. A Billing Group includes several accounts and the invoice for this group is calculated by summing the invoices of the group members.

“In our efforts to permanently adapt TOPEX to current business demands, we implemented Hosted Services and Group Billing on multiSwitch. With these two features we are looking to provide our customers with services that would suit their needs of investments, security and simplicity. Along with the implementation of these services we intend to expand our business relationship by adding more partners to our worldwide distribution network” said Mr. Constantin Dumitrescu – Marketing Director of TOPEX.

Group billing allows adding several benefits for certain clients, such as: deduction for clients who overflow a certain talk time, subscribe deduction for loyal clients and other VoIP provider services.

About TOPEX:
TOPEX is among the most innovative, fast growing European manufacturers of telecommunication equipment, providing a wide range of telecommunication applications. The company has over 16 years of experience in research, development and manufacture of both civil and military telecommunication devices.

TOPEX's leveraged expertise includes: Next Generation Network solutions Softswitch, Media Gateways for TDM, VoIP, GSM and CDMA (2G, 3G), Signaling Gateways (SS7, ISDN, R2, SIP and H323), Broadband Wi-Fi Mobile Routers, Fixed-Mobile Terminals (2G, 3G) and ATC Voice Communication Systems.

Doriana Popescu