HPS Flooring and Coating Specialist in the Philippines Announces Its New Website

All you need to know about flooring and coating services can now be found on High Performance Solutions (HPS) Philippines' new website. Find out more at www.hps.ph.

Taguig City, Philippines, May 25, 2014 --(PR.com)-- High Performance Solutions (HPS) has officially introduced its new corporate website which can be found at www.hps.ph. High Performance Solutions is the new company name of the merged sister companies – High Performance Floors Inc. and High Performance Coatings Inc. With the goal of providing the best flooring and coatings services in the Philippines, HPS re-launched the websites of HPFI and HPCI to create a singular portal for all of their client’s requirements.

Before the merging, High Performance Coatings, Inc. and High Performance Floors Inc. were separately known in the market when it comes to the products and services they provide. High Performance Coatings Inc. provides quality coating solutions on buildings and structures, while High Performance Floors Inc. provides flooring and installation services to different industrial and commercial segments. Through the help of the newly launched site, customers can rely on one single site to find out all they need to satisfy their flooring and coating needs.

The New and Exciting Features of HPS Site

The launching of the site features a modern and more innovative web design that can help web visitors and customers to find everything they need for either flooring and coating solutions through a one-stop shop site. HPS takes pride on showing the extensive products and services of the company through its easy to browse online catalogs. Apart from that, the site features modern web layout that adds more aesthetic value in addition to its overall functionality.

The site also features highly recommended flooring and coating products from international flooring and coating product manufacturers to give Philippine companies and clients better options that can suit their needs.

About High Performance Solutions

HPS is one of the leading providers of coating and flooring products in the Philippines. The company is known for its best quality flooring and coating services targeting commercial and industrial buildings in the country. Aside from its primer service, the company also provides fire proofing system, composite products and lining systems which are all part of its integrated services.

To find out more about High Performance Solutions, view their website at http://www.hps.ph/.
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