TraceGains Explains Implications for FDA Recently Released Operational Strategy for FSMA

Westminster, CO, May 25, 2014 --( On May 2, 2014, the FDA released their Operational Strategy for FSMA implementation. The strategy is composed of three main elements or themes: advancing public health, leveraging and collaborating, and strategic and risk-based industry oversight. Jennifer Brusco, TraceGains’ Marketing Specialist, explores what this entails in the current company blog.

Brusco noted, “As the FDA continues to produce rulemaking and guidance development documents and processes for FSMA, the next phase of implementation has begun. This next phase involves implementing strategic and risk-based industry oversight, which provides the framework for the FDA's operational strategy.”

According to the FDA's strategy document, "The central external force driving change is the dramatic expansion in the global scale and complexity of the food system. Hundreds of thousands of growers and processors worldwide are producing food for the U.S. market, using increasingly diverse and complicated processes, managing complex and extended supply chains, and making millions of decisions every day that affect food safety. . . Accompanying this change is the now widely shared understanding that the foundation for reducing the risk of preventable foodborne illness in today’s global food system—and providing consumers the assurances of food safety they seek—is action by the food industry."

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Jennifer Brusco