Wolf Urine - Natural Solution to Coyote Problem

Coyotes are becoming a major nuisance in cities and towns all across America. Wolf Urine could be a natural solution to the growing problem.

Lincoln, ME, October 14, 2007 --(PR.com)-- In cities and suburbs across America, the coyote has taken up residence in a new habitat where food is plentiful and the living is easy. According to Stanley Gehrt, an assistant professor of environmental and natural resources at Ohio State University, “This animal's amazing ability to thrive in metropolitan areas has greatly surprised scientists.” Gehrt is in the sixth year of a multi-year study of coyote behavior in urban Chicago. But the problem is not limited to Chicago, coyotes are becoming a major nuisance in cities and towns across America.

It is estimated that there are over 5000 coyotes roaming the streets in Los Angeles County alone.

"As cities expand and homes, shopping centers and office buildings go up in areas where coyotes have previously lived or hunted, the two environments will sometimes conflict," said Jeff Ripley, director of Texas Cooperative Extension in Travis County.

One unique solution to this problem is the use of wolf urine as a deterrent. According to Ken Johnson of Maine-based Lexington Outdoors, wolves are one of the coyotes few natural predators and they instinctively seek to avoid areas where they believe wolves are present. Lexington Outdoors sells wolf urine which is used to mark an area with the distinctive scent of wolves. According to Johnson, “in the wild, the scent of urine is the primary way animals communicate. That is how they find a prey, find a mate and how they keep from becoming prey themselves.”

Mark Twain called coyotes "the most friendless of God's creatures", but these animals are incredibly adaptable. Coyotes have found that there is abundant food wherever humans are present, so urban and suburban areas have proven to be a very hospitable environment in which to settle.

That is why the idea of using the natural wild flight instinct triggered by the scent of the coyote’s natural predator is so intriguing. Could it be possible that the solution to the coyote problem is not in chemicals or high-tech devices, but rather in nature itself? Lexington Outdoors seems to think so and Johnson says they sell a lot of wolf pee to people in California, Nevada and other problem coyote areas that seem to agree as well. Wolf Urine is available at the company’s website, www.predatorpee.com or by calling 207-794-8232.

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