Solvo Biotechnology, the Transporter Company and Qualyst Transporter Solutions Execute a License to B-Clear® Services

Agreement Supporting Use of Qualyst’ s Patented B-CLEAR® Technology for Services offered by Solvo Biotechnology

Budaörs, Hungary, May 29, 2014 --( SOLVO Biotechnology, The transporter company has recently announced an alliance with Qualyst Transporter Solutions to make available its B-CLEAR® Technology to customers in Europe and Asia. The offering will focus on contract services applying the B-CLEAR® technology to rat, mouse and Transporter Certified™ human hepatocytes. The alliance facilitates the availability of the B-CLEAR® technology, which can be used to predict the biliary excretion of drugs, evaluate clinically relevant drug interactions, determine the cholestatic potential of drugs, and estimate their intracellular concentration.

Ernő Duda, CEO for SOLVO Biotechnology said, “Sandwich-cultured hepatocytes have been a missing link in our comprehensive portfolio for many years. The availability of Transporter Certified™ cryopreserved hepatocytes has opened up a new possibility for us. SOLVO aims to provide real solutions to its customers and B-CLEAR® is one of them. Having referred our clients to Qualyst the past few years, we are excited to bring the technology in-house and integrate this into our ever expanding service portfolio.”

Christopher Black, CEO for Qualyst Transporter Solutions said, “Solvo has been a leader in the transporter field for well over a decade and we are excited to partner with them in offering B-CLEAR® services. The ability to offer both individual, recombinant transporter data and transporter data in a whole cell, primary hepatocyte is unique, and will allow them to answer questions throughout the drug discovery and development continuum, ultimately providing better answers for their customers.”

Dr. Kenneth Brouwer, CSO for Qualyst Transporter Solutions said: “We are looking forward to working with Solvo to offer B-CLEAR® technology and Transporter Certified™ human hepatocytes to their customers in Europe and Asia. Transporter Certified™ hepatocytes have been certified by us as maintaining functioning uptake and efflux transporters as well as phase II metabolism and in vivo-like bile acid profiles. The combination of standardized hepatocytes with B-CLEAR® technology provides Solvo a unique opportunity to provide answers to drug development questions that integrate transport, metabolism and regulatory functions in human hepatocytes.”

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Solvo has been the leading commercial provider of transporter services and products for nearly 15 years. During this time we have developed over 130 transporter assays and services, run hundreds of client studies, provided quality reports for submission to FDA/EMA, published over 50 articles in peer-reviewed journals, and worked with more than 450 customers world-wide. From small molecules to protein therapeutics, with more than 100 solutions and unparalleled expertise we are confident SOLVO can meet your transporter needs and exceed your expectations.

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About Qualyst Transporter Solutions, LLC
Qualyst Transporter Solutions is the world’s exclusive provider of hepatic drug transporter products and contract research services utilizing the patented B-CLEAR technology. Qualyst Transporter Solutions commercializes novel and proprietary drug transport and hepatobiliary disposition assay services and products for drug discovery and development. The technology, in conjunction with human and animal hepatocytes, provides a fully integrated, unique physiologic model that combines uptake and efflux transporters with hepatic metabolism. This integrated model can address questions related to compound clearance, drug transporter interactions, and cholestatic/hepatotoxic potential.

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