Daniel Levine: New Takes on Product Packaging Are Trending

The trends expert is seeing bottling ideas in a variety of shapes and sizes.

New York, NY, May 29, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Beverage producers are often competing in crowded spaces. Any advantange that can be gleaned from branding or other unique characteristics can only be seen as an advantage. That’s why a variety of packaging ideas are being tried out.

“New designs are popping up everywhere,” says trends expert and keynote speaker Daniel Levine. “Interestingly, while bottling is a trend, some of these ideas reflect other trends I have been following.”

Wine makers are trying to reach out to casual drinkers with more varieties of bagged wine. Many of the offerings are of higher quality and different varieties from the bagged wine that can be bought on the cheap. Liquor makers are experimenting with tall, squared bottles that ship more efficiently and have a distinctive shape. Beer makers are experimenting with cans that can be opened into cups by removing the entire lid instead of punching a hole. And other drink makers have experimented with building block caps that can be snapped together and played with after being removed.

“These examples show that bottling ideas aren’t appearing just for branding purposes,” says public speaker Daniel Levine. “Environmental reasons, increases in a certain demographic, or simple creativity are all driving factors in this trend. While this may be a novelty topic, I certainly see more unique ideas coming to the market over time.”

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