Tooling University - Upside Learning eLearning Collaboration Wins Publication Excellence Award

Pune, India, October 15, 2007 --( Fire Safety and Prevention, an eLearning course created for Tooling University, Ohio, USA, by Upside Learning, Pune, India, won an Apex Grand Award in the Apex 2007 Awards for Publication Excellence. The course was entered in the Electronic & Video Publications category under the Education and Training sub-category.

The Apex Awards are presented annually to recognize excellence in graphic design, editorial content, and the ability to achieve overall communications excellence. Within these, the Apex Grand Awards specifically honor outstanding work in the main categories, which include Writing, Design & Illustration, Electronic & Video Publications, and others. Out of a total of almost 5000 entries, 223 were evaluated in the Electronic & Video Publications category. Eight of these won Grand Awards.

Fire Safety and Prevention is a simulation-based eLearning program targeted at students enrolled in online classes, with the aim of reinforcing their learning through engaging and interactive content. This was achieved by creating a job-realistic storyline and playing it out in a factory environment resembling that in real life. As the story progresses, students have to take decisions to resolve problems based on the unfolding situations, and are provided with feedback accordingly.

The Apex Grand Award is a confirmation of Upside Learning’s capabilities andestablishes the company as a competitive player in the eLearning market. Moreover, it reaffirms the company’s competence in the delivery of effective simulation based eLearning applications, the demand for which is steadily increasing.

Upside Learning has produced a variety of courses that demonstrate an effective mix of innovative learning approaches, instructional value, graphical richness, and interactive appeal – a fact that is validated by the high rate of repeat business from partners and clients worldwide.


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Anjali Jain