The San Francisco Music Box Company Reduced Order Turnaround Time with Hytrol Conveyor System

Jonesboro, AR, June 02, 2014 --( Hytrol Conveyor Company, Inc., manufacturer of advanced conveyor systems, controls, and solutions was chosen by The San Francisco Music Box conveyor-based distribution system in Milwaukee. The San Francisco Music Box Company, which is a division of Woolworth, operates retail stores in malls nationwide. Inventory for the retail locations was shipped from a distribution operation in Oakland, California. The Oakland facility used a manual approach to materials handling that proved unable to meet the increasing demands of the growing company.

The company explored switching to a conveyor-based distribution system for the new Milwaukee distribution operation. The company assembled a project team consisting of managers experienced in distribution operations. The team quickly put together a punch-list of requirements. The new facility would have to be able to:

· Handle seasonal peak demands and other fluctuations
· Maintain extremely high inventory, picking, and shipping accuracy
· Improve the response time for processing

The conveyor system and the company's new distribution center replaced an entirely manual order-filling operation that was cumbersome, inefficient, and slow. James S. Sperrazza, General Manager of The San Francisco Music Box Company, noted, "Not only does the Milwaukee facility do a faster, more accurate job of getting merchandise to our stores and our customers, it also enables employees to perform a variety of functions simultaneously. They pick it, they pack it, and it's out the door and on the way to the customer."

By switching to a conveyor-based distribution system, The San Francisco Music Box Company has trimmed its order-turnaround time from three days to less than one. Boxes from sorter go to shipping and are palletized by hand.

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