Transafe Indonesia Achieve Authorized Occupational Health and Safety Service Company in Electrical and Power (PJK3 Listrik)

The Indonesian ministry of manpower requires certificates for manpower working in a company involving Electrical and Power. Transafe Indonesia acquired the Authorized Occupational Health and Safety Service Company / Surat Keterangan Penunjukan Perusahaan Pembina Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja (PJK 3) from the Ministry of manpower, a legal certificate to organize training and certification in Electrical and Power (Training K3 kelistrikan sertifikasi Kemenaker).

Jakarta, Indonesia, June 10, 2014 --( The Indonesian Ministry of manpower regulates Authorized Occupational Health and Safety Service Company/ Perusahaan Pembina Jasa Kesehatan dan Keselamatan Kerja (PJK3) under Per.04/Men/1995 and SE.02/Men/DJPPK/I/2011. Under these regulations, PJK3 were regulated to focus on different sub sections.

Transafe Indonesia (, acquired its PJK3 Bidang Listrik on Monday June 2nd 2014. This Certificate legalizes Transafe Indonesia to organize training and certification in electrical and Power (Training K3 listrik sertifikasi Kemenaker). The certificate was accepted by Luki Tantra, Business & Development Manager in the Ministry of Manpower building, Jl. Gatot Subroto, Jakarta.

With the possession of PJK3 Listrik, Transafe Indonesia as a leading Health, Safety, Environment and Quality (HSEQ) training and consulting in Indonesia has a complete legal certificate to serve many industries. Current certificates of legalities held are:

From Indonesian Professional Certification Authority (BNSP): Tempat Uji Kompetensi (TUK) K3. This legal certificate allows Transafe to conduct BNSP training and certification/ sertifikasi BNSP for various Occupational Health and Safety.

From Indonesian Ministry of Manpower Department Authorized Occupational Health and Safety Service Company / PJK3 bidang: PJK3 bidang Mekanik; ;PJK3 bidang konstruksi Bangunan; PJK3 Bidang Kesehatan Kerja; PJK3 Bidang Penanggulangan Kebakaran; PJK3 Bidang Lingkungan Kerja dan Bahan Berbahaya. These legal certificates allow Transafe to conduct SIO training and certification/Sertifikasi (SIO) Kemenaker from Ministry of Manpower Department.

From Ministry of Oil and Gas Department: SKT Migas and Migas Official partnership institution for MIGAS training and certification body. These legal certificates allow Transafe to conduct Migas training and certification/Sertifikasi MIGAS

Besides the certificates mentioned above, Transafe Indonesia is also a member of the International Safety Association which are British Safety Council member No.S0401956 - 12820, and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) No 2968186.

Rizki Novanti, Marketing Head Transafe Indonesia stated: “We are glad to receive this certificate. Now because our scope of service is widened, we can increase our customer service and fulfill their needs for K3 Listrik certification (Sertifikasi K3 listrik).

Luki Tantra added by closing the interview, “This is very exciting. We will complete all necessary legal certificates for kemenaker Training and certifications as well as put ourselves among other famous providers.”

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