AOK Promotions of Afton, TN Announces the Signing of Jeff Dugan. Owners Adam & Angel Knight Excited About Release of "Hollow Man."

Afton, TN, June 04, 2014 --( Adam Knight of AOK Promotions, Afton, TN has announced the signing of Jeff Dugan. Dugan, a Christian Country artist, hailing from the state of Louisiana has a long and rich history of performing stone cold Country music. Since beginning his walk with Christ, he has embarked on a new adventure away from neon lights and barrooms. The velvet-voiced singer now proclaims the Gospel in churches, fairs and festivals across the Country. AOK Promotions will be releasing the single "Hollow Man" to Christian radio in June 2014

Jeff Dugan Bio
Jeff Dugan was born and raised in South Louisiana. Somewhere along the way he began to dream of becoming a Country Music Star. He lived a lot like the songs he sang. He played music three nights a week and fished or hunted the rest of the time. Then along came the record executive, Barry Beckett, who finally gave him the break he had been hoping for. He went off to Nashville and recorded on the Warner Bros. label in the late 80's. He opened for some of the biggest stars; Reba, Ronnie Milsaps, & Lee Greenwood. But things did not go his way. A change at the record label rearranged everything for Jeff. Only two singles were released and his album never made it out the door.

He went back to Louisiana disappointed and disillusioned. He continued to sing in the clubs and handled it the only way he knew how. He drank, performed, he fished and he waited for another opportunity. He moved to Nashville in 1992 and made another attempt to land a record deal. He sang demos and hoped someone would give him another shot. But it didn't happen and he got an offer to return to Louisiana and go back to work in a club. He married his wife, Sherry, in 1993, and shortly thereafter he quit the nightclub scene. He went to work as a hardwood flooring contractor, a craft he had learned from his father. After all, he needed a real job to pay the bills, but the dream was still there. He eventually put together another band and began singing on the weekends. The extra money was needed and he enjoyed being back on stage. One night he was approached by some business men who wanted to develop him and get him a record contract. So once again, Jeff recorded, he worked on his "image" and they even "showcased" him to Nashville record labels. There was talk, there was interest, but still no deal.

Jeff always had a desire to own his own nightclub. He decided to go into partnership with a local business man and they remodeled a nightclub and opened it in 1999. His wife, Sherry, wasn't "for" the idea, but she knew he wouldn't be happy unless he gave it a try. It was called the "Stockyard Saloon" and it was located just outside of Lafayette, La. It was exciting, and sort of satisfied his desires to be a star. After all, it was the biggest club around, and he was opening for all of the concerts there. He booked some of the best in Country Music: Trace Adkins, John Conlee, Brad Paisley, LeAnn Womack, Lone Star.......but like everything else, it didn't satisfy him for very long. He was staying out later and later, drinking and doing things that were taking a toll on his marriage. He finally stopped and took a good long look at himself. In the late fall of 2000, he went to the club, opened a concert for John Anderson, then walked off the stage and out the back door....and never returned.

Now here's another part of the story. As was mentioned before, Jeff had never attended a church other than for a funeral or a wedding. He had a lot to learn, and he was a little self conscious at first, actually he was very self conscious at church. He worried about what other people would think about him. He was pleasantly surprised that for such a large church in his home town, he didn't see anyone he knew. Boy was he wrong. It was as if God was protecting him and knew he needed to be eased into this "church scene." After a couple of visits when he was feeling comfortable, people began to pop up all over the place at church that he knew and they were thrilled to see him in church. It was Easter season and this church had a Easter Musical every year. At one of the performances, Jeff walked down front and gave his life to Christ. He was so moved by the realization that Christ had given His life for him and he needed a savior. Shortly thereafter, he was baptized and the real journey began.
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