Handy Backup Upgrades to Version 7.5: Significant Improvements of Speed, Reliability and Database Backup Functions

Some main backup task types such as copying entire disk images or safekeeping database content can be prone to extra hardware and software troubles, e.g. system failures or some connection difficulties, making the life of a system administrator somewhat uneasy.

Alliance, OH, June 05, 2014 --(PR.com)-- As an answer to these obstacles, Novosoft, LLC releases the most current version 7.5.0 of its popular data-keeping software, Handy Backup. In this version a large pack of unwanted exceptions and external hardware troubles is handled up adequately, making this new version a new paragon of efficiency, stability and speed.

Novosoft, LLC announces the new release designated as version 7.5.0 of the most popular company product, Handy Backup. This new version handles with some exceptions and failures during the copying of disk images. It also wide up the functionality of PostgreSQL backing up feature and allows copying remote MySQL databases using the IP address only, eliminating the need to set up copies of the Network Agent on remote machines.

"This new version is up to ultimately bullet-proof when the matters touches backing up disk images. Also we were developed new possibilities for the users of MySQL, allowing backing up MySQL remote databases and tables using only IP address of the remote machine when configuring backup sources. Some new functions include structural database backup and supporting 9.3 version databases, are added to the PostgreSQL backup feature. The next step is a developing of the completely new module for external system restoration and the renewal of the time-stamping engine," said Alexey Dolgushev, Head of Handy Backup Business Development Department.

The new version of Handy Backup drastically improves stability and reliability of disk image backup tasks. The list of exceptions catching and proceeding by the utility expands significantly, and all the workflow algorithms are revised and tuned up to the peak of efficiency. These measures often allowing the task of backing up disk image to finish the job correctly, ignoring some exceptions trying to affect the job.

The most wanted feature for MySQL users is the possibility to copy remote database contents using the IP address only. This option improves significantly the usability of MySQL backing up feature, as well as lowering the total cost of backing up clustered or distributed MySQL systems.

New version gives users the advanced supporting of PostgreSQL, too. For now, the PostgreSQL 9.3 backup option allows proceeding multi-level PostgreSQL database architectures, as well as supports data from the version 9.3.

About Novosoft LLC
The Novosoft LLC has developed business processes automation software for more than twenty years. The main areas of business for this company are IT consulting, product developing and system integration. The skill and competency of Novosoft developers, combined with reasonable product line prices and very reliable technical support, makes Novosoft product cheered among different users and companies throughout the world.

About Handy Backup
Handy Backup is the data backup software running under all modern versions of Windows including Windows 8/7/Vista/XP, Windows Server 2012/2008/2003, and now also running remote network operations under OS Linux. The advanced functionality of Handy Backup allows saving, restoring and synchronizing data on local and remote machines, entire HDD images, almost all database types existing as well as some other data. All backup and restoration tasks are controlled through the intuitive, classic-looking graphic user interface (GUI).

Several editions of Handy Backup are readily available on the official product website, aimed to suit the needs of every user.

For more information about Handy Backup, see the official product website http://www.handybackup.net
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