Tiny House Communities Forming in the USA and Canada

In spite of zoning complexities, tiny house communities are forming. More to come when tiny house fans learn community building skills at the Tiny House Fair.

Orlando, FL, June 06, 2014 --(PR.com)-- While tiny houses have captured much media attention, there has been little conversation around tiny house communities. In spite of complex zoning regulations, there are eight communities forming in the USA and and in Canada, reports Tiny House Community (http://www.tinyhousecommunity.com).

Tiny Texas Houses has several completed houses and more being built. The village is a bit of a secret (no publicity to date) but tiny house fans can see for themselves by coming to the tiny house fair (see link below) - Tiny Texas Houses is hosting the fair.

Napoleon Complex, the California community being formed by Jay Shafer, is still in the planning stages and will feature homes from Four Lights Houses.

Land is currently available for SoFair Farms, an ecovillage forming in Fairfield, Iowa, and there are 3 more ecovillages that accept tiny houses as well as bigger homes: Headwaters Garden and Learning Center in Vermont, and High Cove and Highland Lake Cove, both in North Carolina.

Boneyard Studios in Washington, DC, is a group of 3 tiny houses in an urban setting, more of a showcase than a community, since full time living isn't permitted.

In Canada, tiny house enthusiasts can take this survey (http://wwppss.wix.com/smart#!sign-up/c1yzj) to request to join the Smart Communities tiny house village in Kingston, Ontario.

In Orlando, FL, College Park Village is a cluster of tiny homes (one now, another to join a couple of weeks, and room for more to follow) within a traditional RV park. Not exactly a tiny house community, but perhaps the next best thing.

These communities are just the start, says Tiny House Community, as the tiny house fair (http://tinyhousecommunity.com/fair.htm) will teach enthusiasts how to start their own tiny house communities.

TIny house fans will gain skills in community formation from an expert, Ma'ikwe Schaub Ludwig, the executive director of Dancing Rabbit Ecovillage. In addition, tiny house community founders Tom Greene (SoFair Farms), Jay Shafer (Four Lights Houses) and Brad Kittel (Tiny Texas Houses) will share their community building experiences. Tom Greene will also offer advise on how to purchase real estate, and attorney Elizabeth Roberts will share her expertise on zoning.

Tiny House Community encourages fans with, "No excuses! Be the change you want to see!"
Tiny House Community
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