"The Birth of Death," First Book in Evorath Series Released

St. Petersburg, FL, June 13, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Joseph Macolino, writer and author has released his first book in the Evorath series titled The Birth of Death."

The story starts out with Artimus, an elvish investigator who is looking into a string of kidnappings, but the investigation soon escalates when he finds the cause of these kidnappings is much more serious than expected. Struggling with his own doubts about the kingdom, Artimus joins forces with a motley crew of fighters to combat this new evil. Fighting their own internal demons, each of these individuals must join forces if they hope to defeat this new evil.

"The Birth of Death" brings readers into a medieval fantasy world full of magic and adventure, introducing them to the turbulent land of Evorath. Rather than introducing one-dimensional characters who are absolutely good or evil, there is an emphasis on dynamic character design, which helps make the content that much more relatable.

“In my experience, fantasy writing simply does not convey one of the most important messages that people today need to hear,” states author Joseph Macolino. “That is why the main focus of these novels is to stress the importance of individual liberty. People need to take responsibility for themselves, and when people can start doing this, a lot of the issues that are so prevalent in society will simply vanish.”

Of course, Joseph’s writing style does a great job of masking this intention, and most readers won’t even notice the subtle nuances that are pushing for this individual liberty. Instead, readers will easily get pulled into the deep character designs and magical adventures throughout the novel.

Within these pages, readers will be shown budding friendships, romance, mystery and adventure. Most importantly, "The Birth of Death" introduces a fantasy world full of complex relationships and exciting storylines.

"The Birth of Death" is the first of many books in the Evorath series. It delivers a colorful and detailed fantasy world with new and unique adventures offered to all readers. The book can be purchased at http://www.evorath.com/purchase.
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