ComfortClick bOS - the First Building Operating System

Company ComfortClick is planning to launch the first building operating system ComfortClick bOS that will enable users to connect and control any home device from a single app on their favorite mobile device. Home automation is struggling with too many communication protocols. ComfortClick bOS aims to be a universal software platform which will connect all communication protocols and home devices out there.

Ljubljana, Slovenia, June 08, 2014 --( ComfortClick is a system integrator and software developer operating in the area of building automation. They have successfully implemented ComfortClick software platform in projects all over the globe. Now ComfortClick wants to take their software platform one step further. By introducing the first building operating system - ComfortClick bOS with ComfortClick Bridge plugins market they plan to rewrite the concept of home automation, making it universally applicable and affordable for everybody.

Over the past few years the number of home devices has been increasing almost exponentially. However these devices are operating independently. You have to get a separate app for each device, meaning different user experience each time. If this trend continues users will have to switch between 20 or even 50 different apps in order to control their. ComfortClick bOS will be a universal platform, on operating system, where all devices will work together.

bOS is the first building automation platform to feature a plugins market – ComfortClick Bridge. The library already features an array of supported devices and protocols (KNX, Modbus, S BUS, XBMC, DSC, IP cameras, Global Caché, IRTrans, etc.). The plugins library keeps growing rapidly and with the help of 3rd party developer community ComfortClick plans to speed-up the process. Anyone who knows a little bit about programming will be able to start developing plugins for ComfortClick bOS using the bOS software development kit (SDK). By publishing the driver in the plugins store ComfortClick Bridge, developers will be able to earn money.

How will it work? You begin by installing bOS on your computer or get a hub from ComfortClick. You than set-up a configuration of how you want to control your devices. The process is simple, intuitive and fun. Define multiple devices scenes, schedules, logical operations (if this happens). Design your own GUI, use your own backgrounds, colors and icons or choose from extensive icon library and different skins. Upload your configuration and control your home devices. Simply add new devices whenever you want. No matter how many devices you will add to your ComfortClick bOS, you will still be able to control all of them from just one application on your smartphone or tablet (Android, iOS and Windows).

The company doesn’t want to limit only to residential buildings. Automation system offers numerous benefits also for commercial buildings such as office buildings, hotels and hospitals. Imagine coming into a hotel, you already have ComfortClick bOS on your phone, by entering hotel’s ComfortClick bOS username and password you’ll be able to control your room.

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About ComfortClick
ComfortClick is a Slovenian-based company founded in 2008. We are a system integrator and software developer operating in the area of building automation. By offering the complete spectrum of services related with building automation, we gained extensive know-how on home devices, systems and automation logic of a smart building. Our knowledge includes also market and business understanding of the industry. We are a member of the KNX organization ( which is the creator and owner of the KNX technology – the worldwide standard for all applications in home and building control. ComfortClick software platform has been used in projects all over the globe: EU, Russia, Qatar, Kazakhstan, India, Thailand, Malaysia, USA and Latin America.
Luka Persic