Avema's New Release of Wholesale Telecom Services Will Significantly Reduce Costs for Enterprise Clients

Avema, a Canadian leader in telecom expense management solutions, brings wholesale pricing options to enterprise market in Canada.

Toronto, Canada, June 11, 2014 --(PR.com)-- Avema Corporation, a Toronto-based Telecom and Mobile Management company, is now offering enterprise clients the ability to reduce their carrier bills by 15 to 30%, through a general release of its wholesale telecom solutions. For over 18 years, Avema has been using its buying power to help managed-service clients like FedEx and Travelex significantly reduce their telecom costs. By leveraging the overall volume of its clients’ telecom spend to negotiate better rates, Avema assumes the billing and passes along the savings. Avema is offering companies the ability to retain the same carriers and services, while reducing costs.

“Simply put, companies are over-spending on telecom,” said Avema’s Chief Executive Officer, Roger Yang. “At Avema, we leverage our buying power to negotiate better rates for our customers, while providing an overall better customer experience. We want to help more Canadian-based companies reduce their spending by enabling them to take advantage of our wholesale purchasing capabilities.”

The wholesale product line offers savings of 15 to 30% in the following areas:

1. PRIs (Primary Rate Interface)
2. Business Phone Lines
3. Long Distance and Toll-Free Services
4. SIP Trunks
5. Audio Conferencing Services
6. Web Conferencing Services
7. Internet Access
8. Data Networks

Avema’s sales approach ensures customers can validate the ROI before they sign up for any of the services. “Our sales agents work with expense assessment teams to validate customer savings before customers sign up for any of our wholesale services,” said Mr. Yang. “We have built the success of our company on the premise that we offer significant savings and peace-of-mind to our customers. This product offering allows us to further help our clients save money in all aspects of their telecommunications services.”

As part of Avema’s wholesale offering, clients have access to the following services: Consolidated Online Billing (one monthly bill regardless of the number of vendors a customer has), Bill Management Tools (a service that provides insightful reports on service details), and Enhanced Customer Support (the ability for Avema to offer support with carrier issues). This means that enterprise customers not only reduce costs, but also free up administrative time to devote to more strategic work. By engaging Avema’s wholesale telecom services, companies can expect to reduce telecom spending by as much as 15 to 30%.

Companies interested in the services should contact Avema directly, by either visiting www.Avema.ca, emailing sales@avema.com, or by calling (416) 348-7296.

About Avema Corporation:

Founded as a telecom consulting firm in 1995, Avema has helped hundreds of organizations to better manage their telecommunications costs. The company’s work has significantly reduced its clients' telecom expenses and resulted in countless refunds from vendors. In 2000, work began on the first version of its Advanced Vendor Management (AVM) software. This Telecom Expense Management platform has evolved to be an integral part of all of Avema’s operations.

In 2012, Avema acquired the TEM businesses of Datex Billing Services in Mississauga, ON, and Breakaway Services, in Denver, Colorado. Today, Avema provides a full suite of services around management of telecom and mobile services for numerous medium and large companies across North America, including OppenheimerFunds, Travelex, FedEx Canada, and the Business Development Bank of Canada.

For more information on the service, please visit: http://www.avema.ca.
Avema Corporation
Carrie Davis-Sydor