Eyeglasses Are Reflecting the Latest Trends

The trends-collective reports the vision-enhancers are a platform for new ideas.

New York, NY, June 12, 2014 --(, the leading trends collective, is following the latest trends in eyeglasses. New ideas in fashion and wearability are appearing all of the time, and glasses are a perfect vehicle to carry that trend.

“Eyeglasses are so common, the desire to change and re-imagine their design and construction is too great,” says a spokesperson. “The results are a variety of interesting interpretations and designs.”

Wearable tech is all of the rage, and glasses are in the foreground of what is possible. Google Glass is dominating the conversation, but virtual-reality glasses are not far behind in terms of development and feasibility. More niche products, like smart ski goggles, are also in development.

Smart technology isn’t the only trend showing up on eyeglasses. The 3D printing trend is allowing wearers to make their own frames. The customization trend is also present, allowing fashion-minded users to switch lenses between frames. This allows for glasses that match outfits and fit into specific situations. Also happening is the upcycling trend, where frames are being made from recycled materials, such as skateboards.

“Glasses are such a blank slate that they can be interpreted in so many different ways,” says a spokesperson. “New ideas can easily be incorporated into the wire, plastic, and glass that make up a pair. The simple construction and design lends itself to a sea of creativity.”

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