Motivational Speaker Draws on Inspiration from Popular Movie Character, Jacob, for First Music Video About Lost Love

Speaker Corey Poirier releases his first music video for the single Your Jacob.

Halifax, Canada, June 12, 2014 --( Speaker Corey Poirier has just released his first music video, which you can see on YouTube, for the single Your Jacob, a song that loosely satires a character from the popular Twilight series, and at the same time it’s a song that also shares the message that it’s important to be the Authentic You in every aspect of your life.

“Trying to transform before viewer’s eyes wasn’t easy,” notes Poirier. “I actually had my chest hair pulled out, a failed spray tan, and even my transformation into a Werewolf in the video was far from a success. I hope (Actor) Taylor Lautner discovers the video because it’ll remind him that not just anyone can be Jacob.”

Recorded by Award Winning Producer Gordon Belsher, the new CD which contains the Your Jacob single could also be labelled a highly interactive project; Poirier ran a contest to name a song on the new CD, and he even had Facebook friends help him in acquiring items for the video: including a fake baby. The video also sees Poirier transform into a Werewolf right before viewer’s eyes; well sort of.

As a Speaker first, Poirier also hopes viewers discover the important message in the video that you shouldn’t try to be anyone’s Jacob, and should instead try to be the best you possible – a message Poirier regularly shares in his weekly speaking engagements.

Your Jacob, and the Evil Anthems CD itself, can be heard online with a search of Corey Poirier.
Corey Poirier