World’s Most Highly-Evolved Software Development Platform Thrusts Enterprise IT Into “Generation App”

GeneXus™ X Evolution 3 is on a mission of enterprise mobility. The latest software development platform from GeneXus, EV3 is optimized to handle big data and help enterprise developers extend existing systems to new platforms. It features: 1) Code generation for iOS, Android, Windows 8, Blackberry and responsive web applications; 2) Automatic relational database generation; and 3) Data and system integration solutions. It’s an all-in-one ticket to the next generation of enterprise applications.

Chicago, IL, June 13, 2014 --( GeneXus X Evolution 3, released May 29, is already doing what no other application development platform has been able to – liberate business software from the cubicle. Critical, yet fragile and costly to update, enterprise software systems – many dating back two or three decades – have remained confined to the desktop, despite the corporate workforce’s mass migration to mobile devices and the web. Until, now.

GeneXus is the world’s first and only software development platform to provide tools for automatic code and database generation, cross-platform software development, and enterprise system integration. It’s capabilities have evolved over the last 25-years, and, today, GeneXus generates code in more programming languages than anything else on the market. The newest release includes native mobile app code generators for iOS, Android, Blackberry and Windows 8, as well as responsive web and offline apps.

“The modern CIO is struggling not to drown in data, and Evolution 3 throws out a desperately needed lifeline,” explains Nicolás Jodal, CEO of GeneXus International. “The applications it produces are able to seamlessly send and receive an incredible volume of data, function offline then sync with a central server, and act as universal translators for otherwise incompatible technologies.”

Veronica Buitron, CTO of GeneXus USA, summarizes it: “In one tool, you get the solution to all three of the greatest challenges facing corporate IT, today: Big data, mobility, and adapting to change.“

More than 100,000 corporate developers already rely on GeneXus to bridge the data divide between the “legacy” technologies, in their existing infrastructures, and an app-hungry workforce – Gen App. Its agile methodology partitions the information and structure, of an application, from the code necessary to view it on a device. When new technologies emerge, developers use GeneXus to generate new code for their existing application framework, ensuring code compatibility in perpetuity.

In other words, GeneXus X Evolution 3 can turn any database into a future-proof application, for any web, mobile, desktop or server platform. With faster prototyping cycles, modular programming, and enhanced security, the new release all but eliminates the risk and expense of extending enterprise systems to the latest technological frontiers.

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About GeneXus USA:
GeneXus USA is a woman and minority-owned software development powerhouse, headquartered in Chicago. In addition to a vast consulting portfolio of cutting-edge applications, for iOS, Android, Windows 8 and BlackBerry, GeneXus USA is also the official distributor of GeneXus™ products, in the United States and Canada.

About GeneXus International:
GeneXus is a rapid, agile development platform, for integrating, building, testing and maintaining cross-platform, enterprise software systems and applications. GeneXus powers business computing solutions for over 5 million users, in 45 countries. GeneXus International is headquartered in Uruguay, with offices in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Americas.

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