Next Generation of PaperBox Released

PaperBox, the world's leading cloud-based document management system, has received a significant update to it's industry leading software to support and track a users expenses.

Milwaukee, WI, June 14, 2014 --( NXSW today unveiled a significant update to PaperBox, the world's leading cloud-based document management system. This update is the biggest to date, and now includes the ability for an individual to track business and personal expenses in addition to scanning and organizing documents.

"We're incredibly excited about including expense tracking in PaperBox. Lots of our customers have asked for it, and it is a natural extension to what we're doing. The latest update has been very well received. We've received a great deal of very positive feedback from our customers. We're very excited about the future of PaperBox and we're hard at work on the next set of great features!" said Dan Bucholtz, co-creator of PaperBox and co-founder of NXSW.

PaperBox is the first paper document management and organization system built to live entirely in the cloud via Dropbox, the world's leader in cloud storage and security.

PaperBox is currently available on iOS and as a web application at
Dan Bucholtz
PaperBox is available on the web at