St. John's Episcopal Hospital of Far Rockaway, New York Provides 8 Water Safety Tips for Summer

Far Rockaway, New York-based St. John's Episcopal Hospital offers the community vital water safety rules in honor of June National Safety Month.

Flushing, NY, June 15, 2014 --( During the month of June, St. John's Episcopal Hospital of Far Rockaway, New York observes National Safety Month and encourages others to raise awareness about important water safety issues. By spreading the word, the risk of injuries can be reduced across the board.

With the hot summer months approaching, many community residents flock to the beautiful Rockaway beaches for some sun and sand. But the fun times can quickly turn dangerous if basic safety tips are not followed. Keeping this in mind, St. John's Episcopal Hospital offers a list of 8 important rules to always keep in mind to stay healthy in the water.

Try to stay out of the direct sun. Look for shaded areas to protect your skin from harmful rays.

Wear light-colored and light-weight clothes. Sunscreen and hats are essential for sun protection.

Don’t go swimming by yourself. It’s best if a lifeguard is present and supervising as well.

Never let children out of your sight if they are near the water. Every second is critical if a child goes missing.

Don’t dive into the water if you don’t know the depth. Be careful there are not any hidden obstacles underwater.

Keep hydrated, even if you don’t feel the need to drink fluids. Stay away from alcohol and caffeine.

Avoid swimming with an open wound as the germs in the water can be harmful to your body.

Signs of heat stroke include an altered mental state, not sweating and nausea. If you see someone displaying these symptoms, seek medical care immediately.

“We at St. John’s Episcopal unfortunately see far too many injuries as a result of beach-goers not heeding proper water safety protocol. Summer should be a time for family and fun, not the Emergency Room,” remarked Chairman of Emergency Medicine, Dr. R. Prasad. “By observing June National Safety Month and following these eight basic yet vital safety tips, families of the Rockaways and the Five Towns can enjoy their time at the beach and in the water in a happy, healthy and safe way.”

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