Direct Diamonds Sales Co. Introduces Its Latest Showroom and Ring Designs

Burnside, Australia, June 16, 2014 --( Direct Diamonds Sales Co., the high quality Adelaide jewellers, recently launched their newest showroom that will house its exquisite collections of wedding and engagement rings decorated with Adelaide diamonds.

The opening of the new showroom was celebrated by the jewellery makers in an invitation-only event that displayed one of the largest collections of diamond engagement ring jewellery in Adelaide. The collection on display for guests showcased the exquisite workmanship of Direct Diamonds Sales Co. (DDS), the Adelaide jewellers who have been in the business for over 50 years. The collection also reflected the changing trends in Adelaide engagement rings, which have so far been simplistic and plain in design. The DDS collection of diamond rings brought forward a wide mix of designs, ranging from contemporary to modern to classic, a marked difference from what customers usually find at other jewellery stores in Adelaide.

The highlight of the launch collection was a wedding ring designed and manufactured in the old style of sword manufacturing. Brought to customers directly from Japan, the ring generated immense interest among guests present at the event.

According to Richard Moser, of the Moser family that founded Direct Diamonds Sales Co., apart from the unique designs, the company takes pride in imparting personalised services to their customers for whom an engagement or wedding ring is a symbol of the memorable day when they commit their love for their dear one. “Customers have one-on-one time with the owner/designer and are 100 per cent involved in the design process, right from choosing the right diamond to discussing the finer details of the ring design. We are custom manufacturers with whom you will be sitting down in a comfortable space to talk ideas and design. You won't be standing around a counter like in other jewellery stores.”

Staying true to the wedding theme, various wedding suppliers also participated in the evening celebrations. Among these were the Classic Gourmet, Heidelberg Cakes, The Wedding Girl, and others, who helped create a festive atmosphere. In addition, Ben from the Lane Vineyard and his staff poured stunning wines for guests throughout the evening.

The launch of their latest showroom proves to be a testament of Direct Diamonds Sales Co.’s commitment towards creating unique jewellery in Adelaide that not only differentiates them from other jewellery makers but also strikes a chord with their customers. This sentiment was shared by various guests present at the event who had experienced the personalised design process followed by DDS first-hand, and have returned to the popular jewellery makers for capturing their life’s precious moments in fine designs.

About Direct Diamond Sales Co.: Direct Diamond Sales Co. has been making fine jewellery for over 50 years and has clientele spread across South Australia, Japan, America, Thailand, Europe and Dubai. Winners of the South Australian jewellery craftsmanship and Design Excellence Award at the Australian Goldsmith Association, DDS specialises in custom-made engagement and wedding rings.
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