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Washington, DC, October 18, 2007 --( Restructuring Today -- the only trade newsletter dedicated to chronicling the ongoing efforts to open competitive energy markets, including perspectives on why some fail and others succeed -- is giving away free access to all of its valuable content for two weeks.

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Restructuring Today recently moved to a high-tech format with tools, links and a huge archive of exclusive news and analysis. Now it's easier than ever to benefit from the content that thousands of your peers in the energy industry rely on daily.

Here's what to watch for:

Convenient delivery of Restructuring Today by email early each business day with links to the full PDF version and individual articles (no password required through October 25, 2007!). In it you'll find:

* In-depth interviews with the top brass in the energy industry giving you insight into boardrooms and war rooms for real-world strategies and a look at what's on the horizon (don't miss their upcoming interviews with FERC Chairman Joseph Kelliher and ERCOT CEO Bob Kahn, for example);

* The most extensive coverage of state and provincial regulatory bodies available, keeping you up to date on developing rules across the US and Canada;

* Critical reporting on FERC hearings, congressional proceedings and legislative actions, boiled down so you can quickly read, understand and act on them;

* Behind-the-scenes, exclusive insight into the strategies of marketers that are pioneering energy competition as markets open and evolve, and

* Accurate and comprehensive coverage of a wide array of utility industry conferences, some that you might have otherwise missed.

Plus get complimentary access (for a limited time) to these subscriber-only online products and tools:

* Access to thousands of articles, searchable by keyword plus downloadable PDF issues online so you can quickly find background on issues, policy efforts and firms of interest;

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* Discounts on selected items, including Restructuring Today's on-demand audio conferences with industry experts.

And don't forget these always-free features:

* An events calendar with listings of upcoming utility industry meetings, audio and web conferences;

* A glossary of abbreviations and lingo that brings the jargon of their industry into clear focus;

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So experience everything Restructuring Today has to offer with their compliments from October 11, 2007 to October 25, 2007.

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